Got cheap Botox? 4 Reasons It’s A Bad Idea!

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Got cheap Botox? 4 Reasons It’s A Bad Idea!


You are finally at that point.  You look in the mirror, and all you can see are the lines in your forehead, making you look angry, tired, or just plain old.  How did they get there so fast?  How can you go to the outing this weekend where you know you will run into old friends and men you used to like?  You swear you weren’t that bad last time you looked, but today, there is no getting around it, you need to do something and you need to do it fast. You go to research on your computer for a place who does Botox, and up pops in your email a groupon for cheap Botox in your town. Yes, you think, the answer to your prayers!  You buy that “deal”, without any questions asked as to who the place is or to how they do their injectables, and your off to trust your face to fate.  What you didn’t realize, is that a deal isn’t always a deal, and maybe it wasn’t the answer you were looking for without doing your research.


There are 4 good reasons why you may want to go to a reputable and trustworthy place to get your Botox, even if it means paying regular price, which in the end is usually a difference of $20-$50.


1. Diluting

Although the public doesn’t know this but places can over dilute the active Botox solution to where you are not getting full strength of the substance. This saves the Medspa money, and thus they can pass the “savings” onto you the consumer.

2. Education

The standard training most Doctors and Nurses get to inject Botox is 4 hours.  They learn the 5 main points to hit in the forehead, regardless of individualized care.  They think they are experts, but they are not even close.  You want to go to someone who specializes in liquid facelifts, as these professionals have extensive training in all aspects of injectable correction of the face, and they customize it to the individuals needs.  I have worked with 3 doctors, and now have a nurse, as I have found their care to be much better

3. How many units

You may have been hooked by the $10 a unit of Botox deal, but how many units are they now going to put in your face?  So, if they put now 40 units of Botox in your forehead, versus a liquid facelift expert who could have gotten you the same result with 30 units, then did you really save any money at all?  The answer is no!  I would rather go the the best and most legitimate, than the cheapest, when in the end, the cheapest wasn’t cheaper at all.

4. Opened or not fresh box

Did you know that once opened, the Botox vial expires very rapidly?  Well, I does, and becomes weaker and weaker within a 7-14 day timeframe, whereas then it doesn’t work at all.  Ever wondered why you went to one place and got Botox, then went to another place and had the same number of Botox units, but didn’t get the same result?  Yes, it was either diluted as stated above, or it was weakened by being opened too long.


I know this can be shocking news, when before you thought you were such a savvy shopper, getting the best deal in town, but better to be educated than taken advantage of.  The sad thing is that you won’t even know it is happening when you go to get your Botox, until after you leave, when it either wasn’t fully corrected, or it wears off sooner than expected.  I really hope this makes you a smarter shopper when it comes to investing in your face, as that is what the world sees, and therefore is one of our  most previous assets.


Holly CaSaroll is the founder and CEO of FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness. After suffering from cystic acne herself as a teen, she has rebuilt her own skin, and dedicated the last 15 years to successfully providing innovative solutions to skin conditions not helped elsewhere. She has been featured on FOX, and her Celebrity treatments have been featured on E News, The Doctors, and Oprah, as well as her proprietary combinations have made her a force to be reckoned with in the field of beauty. Her company’s Wellness division, headed by Doug Cutler ND, allows clients to balance their health and beauty from within. She is a Paramedical Esthetician, Laser Technician, and is on the advisory board for Photomedex, a national dermatology solutions company. Holly is also the creator of 3D Face Therapies™, and The Skin Management Model™ which models her progressive, multi-modality approach toward healing skin. Holly has a loyal word-of mouth following, and a flourishing business located in Michigan.